What is an enertour?

Enertour is an initiative that consists of technical visits to CasaClima buildings, installations of renewable energy systems and municipal systems. During an enertour, the planner and managers of the systems and buildings give directly on the location explanations on the technical and economic aspects. The purpose of enertour is to disseminate knowledge and new practical technological solutions to benefit a more sustainable energy.


  • MMM Corones: Reinhold Messner meets Zaha Hadid at an altitude of 2,275 m.

    One of the most spectacular building projects in the Alpine region is currently approaching completion on the Kronplatz (Plan de Corones). On this mountain peak in the heart of the Dolomites, visitors can enter a museum world which is the brain child of two exceptional personalities.

  • Enertour participants exceed the 10,000 mark

    More than 10,000 visitors have so far taken part in an enertour organised by TIS innovation park in conjunction with the South Tyrol Savings Bank Foundation. This is an indication of project enertour’s huge popularity, which shows no signs of abating even in the eighth year of its existence. The ...

  • The Waaghouse in Bozen/Bolzano: age vs innovation?

    New enertour destination – Can a medieval building become a test bed for trying out solutions for energy-saving renovation? The results from the observations of the ‘Waaghaus’, a Romanesque building in the heart of Bozen/Bolzano, help us to understand the energy requirements of an old building.

  • enertour: architecture, energy & design

    Enertour destination – modern and sustainable construction is prized very highly in South Tyrol. The chalet “La Pedevilla” is a convincing example of this. Sophisticated in terms of its architectural design, it is nevertheless just as impressive in its sustainable energy concept as well as its ...

  • Two thirds of the “100% renewable energy communities” are situated in South Tyrol

    According to the Italian environment organisation “Legambiente”, South Tyrol is on the right track. Their annual report “Renewable Communities 2014” states that 20 out of the total of 29 communities using renewables are situated in South Tyrol.

  • South Tyrol, the experimental laboratory for wood gasification

    Heat and power from wood. The technology of wood gasification has come on in leaps and bounds within a very few years. South Tyrol has proved itself as the European practice laboratory for a large number of different producers and technologies.

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