• MMM Corones: Reinhold Messner meets Zaha Hadid at an altitude of 2,275 m.

    One of the most spectacular building projects in the Alpine region is currently approaching completion on the Kronplatz (Plan de Corones). On this mountain peak in the heart of the Dolomites, visitors can enter a museum world which is the brain child of two exceptional personalities.

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  • Enertour participants exceed the 10,000 mark

    More than 10,000 visitors have so far taken part in an enertour organised by TIS innovation park in conjunction with the South Tyrol Savings Bank Foundation. This is an indication of project enertour’s huge popularity, which shows no signs of abating even in the eighth year of its existence. The enertourists come mainly from the North and the Middle of Italy, but also from Germany, Sweden, Moldavia and Japan to visit energy projects which are “made in South Tyrol”.

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  • The Waaghouse in Bozen/Bolzano: age vs innovation?

    New enertour destination – Can a medieval building become a test bed for trying out solutions for energy-saving renovation? The results from the observations of the ‘Waaghaus’, a Romanesque building in the heart of Bozen/Bolzano, help us to understand the energy requirements of an old building.

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  • enertour: architecture, energy & design

    Enertour destination – modern and sustainable construction is prized very highly in South Tyrol. The chalet “La Pedevilla” is a convincing example of this. Sophisticated in terms of its architectural design, it is nevertheless just as impressive in its sustainable energy concept as well as its unique design.

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  • Two thirds of the “100% renewable energy communities” are situated in South Tyrol

    According to the Italian environment organisation “Legambiente”, South Tyrol is on the right track. Their annual report “Renewable Communities 2014” states that 20 out of the total of 29 communities using renewables are situated in South Tyrol.

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  • South Tyrol, the experimental laboratory for wood gasification

    Heat and power from wood. The technology of wood gasification has come on in leaps and bounds within a very few years. South Tyrol has proved itself as the European practice laboratory for a large number of different producers and technologies.

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  • An innovative production plant for ‘green’ hydrogen, unique of its kind in Europe.

    Enertour destination – the new hydrogen centre of the Bozen Institute for Innovative Technologies IIT.

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  • Bozen/Bolzano on the way to becoming a “Green City”

    Enertour destination – the community of Bozen/Bolzano is the capital of South Tyrol. Bozen/Bolzano has worked out the details of an ambitious plan to reduce, by 2030, the carbon footprint of its roughly 100,000 inhabitants by 80%. The “green” plan was conceived in collaboration with the research institute EURAC Research.

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  • Minister Corrado Clini on Enertour

    The EURAC and the Kaiserau district were able to welcome a special guest: the minister of environment Corrado Clini. As part of an Enertour, organized by TIS in collaboration with the Business Location Südtirol and EURAC, Minister Clini was able to catch personally a glimpse of the energy-efficient solutions in South Tyrol's construction sector.

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  • Novelty: Cooling with the Sun

    Viewing object Enertour - A new system has been developed in Bolzano - a solar cooling is now possible for smaller residential buildings. Velta Italia and Eurac Research have developed the pilot installation and now offer a simple and standardized system for solar cooling for the Italian market.

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  • New: architecture, energy & wine

    Sustainable energy concepts, modern architecture and top quality wines – all this is on offer in one single trip. The new package “enertour: architecture, energy & wine” was on offer for the first time as part of the KLIMAHOUSE trade fair in 2013 in Bozen/Bolzano.

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  • Renewable Energy: South Tyrol again at the top in 2011

    The annual ranking "Renewable municipalities" of Legambiente awarded South Tyrol one more time. "This year among the 20 municipalities that are supplied entirely by renewable energy, 14 are from South Tyrol," said Michl Laimer, the former assessor of environment of the Province of Bolzano.

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  • For you to discover: over 150 “green projects”

    Plus-Energy-Buildings, communities using 100% renewables, ClimaHotels, hydroelectric power stations, buildings with the “CasaClima Gold nature” classification, heating plants powered by biomass, CasaClima Wine, Smart Grids, zero CO2 communities, research plants, sustainable city districts, solar cooling, E-mobility … Discover South Tyrol as a climate conscious region, with enertour.

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  • Technology and aesthetics at the service of high comfort

    Enertour destination- Schlossberg, literally Castle Mountain, is the name of the new ClimateHouse A residential building located above the village Naturno, Venosta Valley, a mountain zone characterized by vineyards and historic buildings.

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  • First ClimateHotel: tourism gets sustainable

    Enertour destination- The Theiner’s garten BIO Vitalhotel was awarded the first certification of ClimateHotel. This new certification system by CasaClima Agency establishes the criteria for sustainability in the construction and management of tourist facilities.

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  • Zero Emission keeps its promises, and manages to give even more.

    Enertour destination - After a year of monitoring the actual energy needs of the business building of Naturalia- BAU in Merano, the result far exceeds expectations.

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  • New multi-technology photovoltaic field

    Viewing object enertour - The new multi-technology ground-mounted photovoltaic field installed at the Airport of Bolzano Dolomiti (ABD).

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  • Casanova district of Bolzano

    Viewing object enertour - The CasaNova-district in the southern part of Bolzano is currently under construction. It will provide public housing for approx. 3000 persons in 950 apartments.

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  • Campo Tures: the plan to become a municipality of zero emissions of CO2

    Enertour destination- Campo Tures, is located in the heart of the Italian Alps, in South Tyrol and is the municipality that declared the brave target of reducing to zero the CO2 emissions of its 5,100 inhabitants.

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  • From recycling to energy production: the biogas plant in Lana

    Enertour destination- In addition to 30 biogas plants fed with manure and agro-waste in South Tyrol, there is one that produces energy using urban organic waste.

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  • Prato allo Stelvio winner of the Champions League of renewable energy

    Enertour destination - Prato allo Stelvio qualified as champion in the RES competition - Champions League 2010, the European competition between the best performing municipalities in the use of renewable energy.

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  • A biomass central in Varna, not just a district heating

    Enertour destination - In Varna, a municipality of 4.200 people in the Isarco valley (BZ), a biomass district heating central came into operation in December 2008; this central not only provides the village with heat, but also produces electricity.

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