An innovative production plant for ‘green’ hydrogen, unique of its kind in Europe.

Enertour destination – the new hydrogen centre of the Bozen Institute for Innovative Technologies IIT.

Since the spring of 2014, 500,000 litres of fossil fuel have been replaced annually by ‘green’ hydrogen in Bozen/Bolzano. The new production site for green hydrogen also includes a filling station, a showroom and an area dedicated to research. The plant is unique in Europe and has generated huge interest, both at home and abroad.

With this research facility, South Tyrol has made a further move towards going green. Here, green energy is converted into hydrogen which can be stored easily. This form of energy storage is seen as having huge potential for sustainable energy provision. The technology has meant that the energy market is becoming decentralised as well as democratised and thus able to make a great leap forward.

South Tyrol has a natural predisposition for this type of energy storage. There are only a few areas in Europe where the system of energy provision has historically been so decentralised. Roughly a third of all energy providers in Italy are concentrated in the small region of South Tyrol which leads the way for the whole of Italy in terms of use of renewable energies per head of the population.

This innovative installation is, according to Walter Huber, president of IIT, the basis for creating a new area of expertise which should benefit businesses, research institutions and training establishments as well as the population at large. Naturally, this will involve various European and other international partners, as well as local agents. The installation is South Tyrol’s first concrete step on the way towards a hydrogen-based economy. The next few years will see a comprehensive network of filling stations being built. At the same time, the trans-regional project “Green Corridor”, stretching from Munich to Verona, will be completed so that the Brenner axis will also be able to access green hydrogen in the near future.

For more than a year now, the first hydrogen-powered buses have been running on the streets of South Tyrol’s capital city of Bozen/Bolzano, and they have provided a special highlight for participants on an enertour.

Come and visit the new hydrogen centre at Bozen/Bolzano on your enertour. Get in touch by phoning +39 0471 068047 or sending an e-mail to:

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