Campo Tures: the plan to become a municipality of zero emissions of CO2

Enertour destination- Campo Tures, is located in the heart of the Italian Alps, in South Tyrol and is the municipality that declared the brave target of reducing to zero the CO2 emissions of its 5,100 inhabitants.

The action plan for achieving this goal has a number of interventions and aims on increasing the exploitation of renewable energy and energy efficiency of buildings.

At the present state of things, there are several hydroelectric, solar and biogas plants as also a wind power plant in the territory. Among the most recent constructions, the territory has a hydroelectric plant rated at 18 MW, which takes advantage of the jump of a nearby river and produces annually 65 million kWh of electricity. A growing importance is the contribution of photovoltaic: the present supply of about 500,000 kWh per year within the municipality will be increased by the “Programma venti tetti” (Programme of twenty roofs”), which encourages the installation of photovoltaic systems on private buildings. Under a pilot project some streets of the municipality were also equipped with street lights powered by solar panels. For the production of energy, another source available locally is represented by residues from agriculture and animal husbandry, which are enhanced in the biogas plant "Biowatt", owned by a cooperative of farmers and ranchers and which produces 5 million kWh of electricity per year. The territory of Campo Tures has also a wind turbine situated at 1700 m above sea level with a rated power of 300 kW.

For the production of thermal energy, the biomass district heating plant with a power of 18-20 MW is under construction. The center will provide comprehensive coverage of at least two thirds of the heat demand of the municipality and will be powered mainly by local woody biomass. It will also take advantage of the heat from the co-generators of the biogas plant and will be equipped with an ORC module.

Other initiatives of the municipality of Campo Tures to achieve zero CO2 emissions, are planned in the energy efficiency of buildings, the definition of the standard ClimateHouse B as a minimum requirement for new buildings and the “Programma 50 case” ("Programme of 50 houses"), which aims -through consulting activities- to the energy recovery of 50 private buildings over the next two years. Speaking of traffic, the introduction of electric public transport and a distributor of alternative fuels such as biogas, biodiesel, ethanol and hydrogen is being planned. There are also energy management activities, such as the one that has reduced over the course of two years the energy costs in public facilities by 15%, without the use of any investments. To promote an energy conscious culture, the Municipality has also recently opened a facility dedicated to energy, which houses offices, a development center and educational space and exposition for outreach activities.

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