From recycling to energy production: the biogas plant in Lana

Enertour destination- In addition to 30 biogas plants fed with manure and agro-waste in South Tyrol, there is one that produces energy using urban organic waste.

We are taking about the biogas plant in Lana, a medium size plant which became operational in 2006. Here, energy is produced from the wet fraction of waste, thanks to a recycling system in the cities of Bolzano and Merano and in thirty municipalities of the districts Burgraviato and Salto - Sciliar. In the plant in Lana energy is recovered from waste through an anaerobic and humid digestion process.

The waste entering the plant is pre-processed and homogenized. In particular, it is crushed and mixed with water. To each 2.6 tons of organic waste 7 tons of water are added to bring the dry content to 4%. Later, the passing-through a grating and a grit removal system allows the separation of impurities and heavier material. The mass is then concentrated through a thickening system, in which the substance reaches a dry content of 11%. At this point the mass is ready for fermentation and is sent into a digester, where it remains for at least 16 days. Under anaerobic conditions and at a temperature of 37 degrees, the bacterial flora present in the digester breaks down the organic waste, producing biogas. This gas, consisting of 60% methane, is burned in two co-generators of an electrical power equal to 334 kW and 536 kW.

In 2009 out of 12,207 tons of waste, the plant of Lana produced about 2483 MWh of electricity. Of these, 42% were used for own consumption, while the remaining 58% was introduced into the network.

Client/administrator: Ecocenter, Bolzano
Planning: Studio Baubüro, Bolzano
Construction: Atzwanger, Bolzano / Ladurner, Bolzano

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