For you to discover: over 150 “green projects”

Plus-Energy-Buildings, communities using 100% renewables, ClimaHotels, hydroelectric power stations, buildings with the “CasaClima Gold nature” classification, heating plants powered by biomass, CasaClima Wine, Smart Grids, zero CO2 communities, research plants, sustainable city districts, solar cooling, E-mobility … Discover South Tyrol as a climate conscious region, with enertour.

”Enertour” offers you visits to 150 of the most innovative installations and CasaClima buildings all year round. You will also be offered the opportunity of acquainting yourself with regional energy strategies and their success factors. Enertour literally moves the topic of “Renewable Energies” forward. Each enertour is individually tailored to suit the needs of the various groups of visitors with the practical impact of each of the exhibits being explained in detail.

The aim of these specialised and experiential excursions is to demonstrate how regenerative energies and energy-efficient buildings can be exploited. Enertour does not simply convey technical expertise, but rather wants to create new focal points for energy tourism. This is why there will be opportunities for tasting South Tyrol specialities such Schüttelbrot (a type of crisp bread) as well as the local Lagrein wine: enertour makes all this possible. Enertour is a project administered by TIS innovation park and the South Tyrol Savings Bank Foundation.

In 2008, enertour achieved the coveted SMG Marketing Award and was awarded the Euregio Environment prize in 2011.

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