Minister Corrado Clini on Enertour

The EURAC and the Kaiserau district were able to welcome a special guest: the minister of environment Corrado Clini. As part of an Enertour, organized by TIS in collaboration with the Business Location Südtirol and EURAC, Minister Clini was able to catch personally a glimpse of the energy-efficient solutions in South Tyrol's construction sector.

The Enertour team brought him to two model examples of energy-efficient construction of "Green Region South Tyrol": to the solar cooling system of the European Academy of Bolzano and to the  Klimahouse-certified district "Kaiserau".

Both destinations are pilot projects and thus scientifically monitored and supported by the Ministry of Environment. During the visit, the EURAC was able to present the project's most significant results to the Minister.

"Sustainability is the basis of economic growth. The path that South Tyrol has taken here should serve as a model to public administration and Italian companies. Green Economy is the key against the crisis: All institutions need to think "in this direction", says the minister of environment Corrado Clini. Clini followed the invitation of the Business Location Südtirol (BLS) and visited Bolzano for one day to examine the Green Region South Tyrol carefully.

South Tyrolean Governor Luis Durnwalder received the Minister. "For some time now, South Tyrol is covering the internal electricity requirements through renewable energy sources. Now, the goal is to cover within 2020 at least 75 percent of the electricity and heat demand through renewable sources. By 2050, we want to reach a value of 90 percent", said Durnwalder to Clini.

"We know the strengths of our province: they lie in green economy. Here, in contrast to other regions of Italy, we have major competitive advantage points ", emphasized assessor Thomas Widmann during the visit. "The sectors of energy efficiency and renewable energy have grown significantly in recent years. Currently over 500 companies in South Tyrol are operating in these sectors. Moreover, even the e-mobility sector has a high growth potential. "This is exactly why South Tyrol wants to reposition itself as Green Region".

Enertour is a project of TIS innovation park and the Südtiroler Sparkasse Foundation. Viewing of a total of 150 targets are on the Enertour program, including installations,  Klimahouses and municipalities that obtain a 100 percent of their energy from renewable sources.

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