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Sustainable energy concepts, modern architecture and top quality wines – all this is on offer in one single trip. The new package “enertour: architecture, energy & wine” was on offer for the first time as part of the KLIMAHOUSE trade fair in 2013 in Bozen/Bolzano.

The new package “enertour: architecture, energy & wine” gives “enertourists”, for the first time ever, the opportunity to visit South Tyrol wineries. These companies are particularly striking for the way in which they combine a sustainable energy concept with modern architecture and the production of top quality wines. After acquainting themselves with the technical aspects of the buildings and examining the underlying energy concept, visitors are given the chance to inspect the wine cellars and will finally partake of a buffet where fine wines and other South Tyrol specialities are there to be sampled by all.

The new winery in Montan, run and owned by the Pfitscher family, is one of the destinations of the new enertour package. They were the first wine producers in Italy to be awarded the quality certification ‘CasaClima Wine’ by the South Tyrol CasaClima Agency. The modern building boasts an energy efficient shell, uses renewable energy sources, has a sustainable resource management and is, to cap it all, famous for its excellent wines.

“The topics of ‘architecture’ and ‘wine’ have been successfully linked all over Europe for some time”, remarks Sepp Walder, responsible for the enertour project in TIS innovation park, and continues: “What makes the package so novel and attractive is that we were the first to add the topic of sustainable energy production.” The intention of the new enertour was to offer a useful exercise, namely the transfer of technical know-how in the field of energy, and enhance it with a pleasant experience, that is the visit to a winery which includes a wine tasting. An additional benefit was that two areas of strength of the South Tyrol economy, both with long-standing traditions and a high innovation factor, were brought into focus.

Since 2006 the enertour project of TIS innovation park and the South Tyrol Savings Bank Foundation has been organising trips for experts to visit particularly innovative energy projects in South Tyrol. It is the aim of such tours to imbue participants with practical know-how and to offer them concrete examples for solving problems arising from the topics of energy efficiency and renewable energies. This has enabled us to show off the particular strengths of the South Tyrol Green Region. Around 8,000 people from all over Italy and the rest of Europe have since then availed themselves of this experience.

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