Novelty: Cooling with the Sun

Viewing object Enertour - A new system has been developed in Bolzano - a solar cooling is now possible for smaller residential buildings. Velta Italia and Eurac Research have developed the pilot installation and now offer a simple and standardized system for solar cooling for the Italian market.

Currently, most solar thermal systems used in residential buildings are designed for production of hot water and only a few cases are meant to heat a building. There is now an innovative solution that allows the use of solar energy throughout the year to be more efficiently and to cover the heating demand, the cooling and the hot water requirements of a residential building. The great novelty of the system "Velta Solar Tech" is the standardization of the system that makes it  possible to reduce planning and installation costs, thus allowing a successful application even for small residential buildings (150 - 200 sqm). The planning with the help of numerical simulation, the scientific monitoring of the system in the laboratory and on-site permit, allow a performance guarantee of the system considering different climates and applications.

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