Casanova district of Bolzano

Viewing object enertour - The CasaNova-district in the southern part of Bolzano is currently under construction. It will provide public housing for approx. 3000 persons in 950 apartments.

For CasaNova the municipality of Bolzano aimed from the beginning of the planning at the realization of a sustainable district regarding the energy performance. The urban concept includes the construction of eight so called “housing castles”, which consist of 3-4 buildings encircling a common green area. In order to hold the space heat consumption of the apartments low, a limit of 30-50 kWh/m² depending on the volume of the building was defined. Space heating and the domestic hot water for the houses will be provided to an important part by renewable energy sources, and to the major part by a district heating. The heat for the latter will be produced by the waste incinerator of Bolzano and a further district heating plant using natural gas.
According to the project description the adopted measures will lead to a reduction of space heat consumptions of about 42% compared with a scenario following the requirements of the law 10/91, which was in force at planning stage. Considering all energy efficiency measures and renewable energy sources applied the primary energy consumption is reduced by 65% compared to typical constructions in Italy.
The reduction of car traffic is a declared goal of the planning documents for the realization of the area. This will be obtained through a package of measures such as the integration in the bicycle net of Bolzano and the creation of a train station for the “City Train” which connects Bolzano city centre and the town of Merano. A further comparatively innovative aim is the intensive rain water recycling at district level.
(Source: Marco Castagna, Alexandra Troi, Yan Schmitt, Wolfram Sparber - EURAC Research, Institute for Renewable Energy)

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