Renewable Energy: South Tyrol again at the top in 2011

The annual ranking "Renewable municipalities" of Legambiente awarded South Tyrol one more time. "This year among the 20 municipalities that are supplied entirely by renewable energy, 14 are from South Tyrol," said Michl Laimer, the former assessor of environment of the Province of Bolzano.

"The best example of environmental and energy innovation" are the 20 municipalities whose energy demand is met entirely from renewable sources, as written in the Legambiente's report. 14 of these  municipalities are located in South Tyrol, six of them are ranked in the top ten, with the town of Brunico even the one at the top and with Prato allo Stelvio, Dobbiaco and Sluderno another three which earned a special mention in the report. "We are obviously delighted that SouthTyrol established itself at the top and that our efforts to provide a clean and sustainable energy supply are also noticed by environmental associations", explained the former provincial assessor Laimer.

Laimer is particularly pleased about the positive overall assessment which Legambiente made about South Tyrolean Energy Policy: South Tyrol is the province that has " implemented the most ambitious and effective policy in this area in recent years", at the same time it is also the province with the clearest vision of the future", as written in the report. "Some years ago we said we would cover within 2020 at least 75 percent of our energy needs through renewable sources and we surely will achieve this goal," said Laimer.

Not only in the total, but also in the individual scores South Tyrolean municipalities are represented at the top ranks. Four South Tyrolean municipalities (Fié allo Sciliar, Terento, Selva and Parcines) appear among the top 5 municipalities in terms of thermal solar energy - calculated on collector area per inhabitant - Bolzano, in contrast, has the absolute largest collectors throughout the country. Even clearer is the situation in the use of biomass for energy. 16 South Tyrolean municipalities are among the first 20, Glorenza reached even the highest degree of self-sufficiency in this area.

"The rankings show that we are not only on track, but also that in the meantime we act as an example: other municipalities, other provinces follow our models, when it comes to implement an efficient and sustainable energy policy," said Laimer who uses the Legambiente report also to express his appreciation to all municipality leaders: "We have in the municipalities reliable partners who implement our standards and follow our climate goals with great dedication, courage, inventiveness and great innovation”.

Source: Regional Press Office, Autonomous Province of Bolzano

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