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Enertour destination- Schlossberg, literally Castle Mountain, is the name of the new ClimateHouse A residential building located above the village Naturno, Venosta Valley, a mountain zone characterized by vineyards and historic buildings.

The building was designed by Arch. Stephan Marx from Silandro and is inserted harmoniously into the landscape through the provision of tower apartments, the green areas which follow the trend of steep terraced vineyards surrounding the choice of a plaster, whose tone recalls the rural buildings in the area, and the large windows that give light to the building. Beyond the aesthetic choices, the compact design of the structure provides a volume ratio - area particularly favorable, while the presence of large windows allows you to capitalize on passive solar gains, with proper shielding in the summer. This, combined with the insulation of the wrapping, allows the construction of energy to reach a very high standard. Not only, for the heating requirements the building makes use of clean energy: a geothermal system with vertical probes, combined with a reversible heat pump, can heat the rooms in winter and cool them in summer. The energy concept developed by Studio Energytech of Bolzano, is based on a sophisticated power plant which should be easy to handle and to use at the same time. To complete the thermal system there is also a controlled ventilation system with high heat recovery for each accommodation. The air drawn from outside goes through an underground tunnel, where it is preheated and pre-cooled before placing in the apartments. Thanks to the very low energy requirements of the building, the floor heating, which distributes heat in winter and cools in summer, works at temperatures very close to the surface temperature, thus creating a comfortable environment with little air movement. In addition to thermal comfort and freedom of the autonomous control of ventilation machines in each apartment, tenants can also count on the air conditioning running costs which are significantly lower than those of a traditional natural gas system.

Client: Wohnbau GmbH, Laces
Project: architects MARX / LADURNER, Silandro
Energy system planning: Energytech, Bolzano

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