Two thirds of the “100% renewable energy communities” are situated in South Tyrol

According to the Italian environment organisation “Legambiente”, South Tyrol is on the right track. Their annual report “Renewable Communities 2014” states that 20 out of the total of 29 communities using renewables are situated in South Tyrol.

“100% renewable communities” are places where the newly established energy installations do not merely cover the heat and power requirements of their citizens, but exceed these (in terms of space heating, water heating and electricity).

With enertours you are able to visit these innovative South Tyrol communities and examine their systems for producing energy. Enertour participants can discuss directly with the staff in charge the topic of renewable energies and this will allow them to acquaint themselves better, and in situ, with the relevant energy strategies in use.

There are some South Tyrol communities which play a special pioneering role and these are: Bruneck, Toblach, Prad am Stilfserjoch and Vahrn: They impress with a mixture of different renewable energy sources which have been drawn on by the community councils over the course of several years. With their use of photovoltaics, hydro-power and biomass, they are doing their very best to counteract energy problems and to defy the economic crisis.

From the ”Legambiente” report it emerges very clearly that the communities in the Province of Bozen/Bolzano excel, above all, in the areas of solar heat (marketing solar panels for private citizens) and smaller hydro power plants: all three communities which produce the most energy using such systems are located in South Tyrol.

In addition, the report points out a series of positive results at a national level: more and more communities are deciding in favour of sustainable energy systems. In 2013, the number of such installations increased all over Italy; they all extract energy from renewable sources and, in the meantime, every one of Italy’s 8,054 communities is in possession of such a system.

The whole report is available for your perusal (in Italian):

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