Zero Emission keeps its promises, and manages to give even more.

Enertour destination - After a year of monitoring the actual energy needs of the business building of Naturalia- BAU in Merano, the result far exceeds expectations.

Built in 2009, the corporate headquarters of Naturalia-BAU, have been awarded the CasaClima Gold + plaque and the prize for the best ClimateHouse 2009. By comparing the actual energy requirements of the building to the value calculated in 2009, we arrive at a balance in favor of no less than 5,400 kWh * per year. This positive balance is largely due to an optimal cooling of the building during summer months. The energy consumption for the cooling system, in fact, results of only 2346 kWh*year instead of 4475 kWh*year, as expected from the calculation. The main cause for this low consumption is the wooden building, properly insulated, with an internal mass sufficiently dimensioned to permit the accumulation of as much as possible long "freshness". The insulation in wood fiber in combination with a plaster of clay of 3 cm, in turn, is characterized by a high mass capacity and a high heat storage capacity, while presenting a low thermal conductivity. It also reveals the remarkable efficiency of the photovoltaic system that, with an installed capacity of 19.8 kW, actually produces 24,500 kWh*year, 15% more than expected. The monitoring of energy consumption took place in collaboration with the research center “EURAC - Institute for Renewable Energy." (Source: Naturalia - Bau)

Client: Naturalia - Bau
Planning: Arch. Dietmar Dejori
Construction: holz&ko, Nova Ponente (BZ)

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